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Library FAQ

Q. How can I find digital resources at the library?

A. Click on the "Search" tab above to search WorldCat, Google Scholar, or specific databases and resources organized by subject. Current students, faculty and staff can access library databases with a Canvas or Averett web services login. If you have questions about finding, evaluating and citing sources, consult a librarian or tutorials on this page.

Q. The book or article I need is not available at Averett. Can you get it for me? Will I have to pay a fee? How long will it take?

A. We can obtain just about any source you need (other than textbooks) by requesting it from another library … and no, you will probably not have to pay a fee. Librarians will show you how to “link out” to articles in databases licensed by Averett.  If your article or book is not in any of our databases, select “Interlibrary Loan” (ILL). ILL articles are generally delivered within 48 hours through a web link that we send to you in email.  Books typically arrive in a few days for pick-up at the Library Information Desk or shipment to GPS regions. Virginia academic libraries and most others don't charge ILL fees. We'll let you know ahead of time if there is a fee. 

Q. My professor gave us a list of books and articles to read for class. Where can I find these?

A. If your professor or course syllabus indicates that the items are on “Reserve,” ask for them at the Information Desk. For e-Reserves, your professor will provide a web address and login. For print books and media not on reserve, check Worldcat for the call number and location. Librarians will be happy to help. The library ships Averett books and media, and interlibrary loans to home or office address of students and faculty attending classes outside of Danville.

Q. What books and magazines do you offer for reading outside of class?

A. Popular fiction and new academic books are featured in the Academic Commons. You will also find journals, magazines and newspapers on display in the browsing area. We welcome student suggestions for additional titles!  Please use the paper form on the clipboard near the new books display, or the “Express Yourself” web form to share your recommendations.

Q. It's too cold, or too hot in the library! What can be done about that?

A. Temperatures in the library are managed by the Facilities Department and normally set at 72 degrees. Our climate control system is challenging to maintain within a narrow range of temperature and humidity. Sunshine on the street side in the morning, and on the parking lot side in the afternoon can make it feel warmer during the day.  A sunny day in spring or fall can cause the AC to start when the library is still cool. Please inform Information Desk staff if you think heating and cooling systems are not working properly on any floor.

Q. How do you select and price drinks for the Hot Spot?

A.  Hot Spot choices include caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee and tea, cocoa, and cider. Prices are targeted at 20% above cost, which is typical for food co-ops. The cost is 80 cents per K-cup if you bring your own mug (60 cents for tea bags) and 20 cents extra if you use one of our biodegradable cups. Library Friends fund refreshments for special events, which are free for students, faculty, staff and Friends attending the program.