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New and Updated Student Library Services for the Spring Semester 2021: Student Services

Contains information for students to access library materials and to obtain research assistance.

Student Library Services - New and Updated for the Spring Semester 2021

Dear Students:

Listed below is a summary of changes and updates made to Mary B. Blount Library's space and services for the Spring Semester 2021. See the additional information on this page for more details.

  • A mask is required at all times and in all areas of the building - please refer to University policy/Student Handbook for full details; mask must be pulled up over your nose and under your chin
  • Library hours have been updated, as shown here 
  • Eating and/or drinking in the Library is suspended due to the need to keep masks on at all times; please go outside of the building to consume any food or drink
  • Reference and citation assistance is available through a new chat feature, as well as Zoom, which we will use even when students are inside the Library 
  • Tables and chairs are spread out for social distancing
  • Main and upper levels are open; basement level and materials are accessible by Library staff members only
  • Bathrooms are accessible on the Library's upper level
  • Single entry point and exit point are on the Library's main level

Access: Contactless Check Out of Books

To promote contactless check out of books from the Library, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to have books ready for you to pick up. To request books, follow these easy steps:

  • Search the Library catalog (WorldCat)
  • Select the book(s) you want
  • Send an email request for book(s) with complete information including title, author, and publication date to 
  • Book(s) will be checked out to you and ready for you to pick up after we send you an email message that the books are ready

E-books and databases are also available.

  • Enter your Canvas/AU web services ID and password on the library login screen when outside of the Library
  • Locate Averett digital sources ("Access Online" links in WorldCat) or click on any database

LibChat - NEW!

If you need an answer to a question quickly, and in "real time," please try our new chat service called LibChat. When librarians are online, we can direct you with information that will lead you to the resources you want to access, or assist you by suggesting how to approach your research needs. All research questions are welcome with LibChat!

We can also share a screenshot that makes it clear where we are pointing to look for information, or we can provide help through a Zoom session initiated through a chat. To get there, click on the "Chat With Us" button on the bottom of this page. If librarians are offline, fill out a question form and we will contact you via email.

Academic Commons (on the Library's Main Level)

Due to changes necessitated by COVID-19, the right-hand, back corner of the Academic Commons is being used for socially-distanced classroom space.

All other areas of the Commons and Library have been rearranged to promote social distancing while you are studying and/or working on assignments. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary loan request(s) may be submitted to Lending libraries have developed their own policies regarding if and how they are processing interlibrary loan requests during this pandemic. If your request(s) cannot be processed, you will be contacted at the email address you provide when you submit your request(s). 

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